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The first mechanically propelled two-wheel vehicle is believed by some to have been built by Kirkpatrick Mac Millan, a Scottish blacksmith, in 1839.A nephew later claimed that his uncle developed a rear-wheel drive design using mid-mounted treadles connected by rods to a rear crank, similar to the transmission of a steam locomotive.A rider was said to have sat astride the machine and pushed it along using alternate feet.It is now thought that the two-wheeled célérifère never existed (though there were four-wheelers) and it was instead a misinterpretation by the well-known French journalist Louis Baudry de Saunier in 1891.The evidence is unclear, and may have been faked by his son.A similar machine was said to have been produced by Gavin Dalzell of Lesmahagow, circa 1845.However, the authenticity of the bicycle sketch is still vigorously maintained by followers of Prof.Augusto Marinoni, a lexicographer and philologist, who was entrusted by the Commissione Vinciana of Rome with the transcription of da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus.

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However, the evidence connecting this with Mac Millan is weak, since it is unlikely that the artisan Mac Millan would have been termed a gentleman, nor is the report clear on how many wheels the vehicle had.There is no record of Dalzell ever having laid claim to inventing the machine.

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