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08-Aug-2016 07:22

Summary: This is the first in a series about Chatbots.

In this first installment we cover the basics including their brief technological history, uses, basic design choices, and where deep learning comes into play.

Even the simplest chatbots are capable of multiple conversational steps though some queries may be answered with a single response (will it rain in Boston tomorrow? Many are designed to have a structured or even unstructured “conversation” with the user seeking additional clarification and drilling down to provide more information or action about the information or service requested (Has my package been shipped? In design, the vast majority of chatbots today are powered by rules and structures built in by the programmer.

However the direction of development is to have responses created via artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg is up for “it” and so it would seem are an increasing number of fully consenting adults..

Facebook is working on new technology that will let you share your “full sensory and emotional experience with people” that is Cyber sex to you or I.

The very same technology has already re-mastered the boundaries between intimacy and solitude. research and development, having twice won the Loebner Prize for human-computer conversation.

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But it isn’t a question of making a choice of whether to talk to a chatbot or a person, and you shouldn’t stop chatting to “real” people just because you have a chatbot.

“In the half-light of virtual community, we may feel utterly alone” .