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22-May-2017 13:42

Numerous mitoses are seen throughout the glands and stroma.

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Hormone manipulation in fertility problems and hormonal substitution therapy result in histologic patterns that do not fit the classical descriptions of the cyclic and involutional changes of the endometrium.

These estrogen-induced changes occur as a response to the binding of the hormone to nuclear receptors.

The presence of estrogen receptors in the nuclei of endometrial cells is responsible for the prompt translation of hormonal impulses into structural changes, including, at an ultrastructural level, protein synthesis by free ribosomes and by the rough endoplasmic reticulum and accumulation of intermediate filaments, mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, and lysosomes.

Although the endometrial response may vary from patient to patient, certain general histologic patterns for specific hormone therapies can be recognized.

To comprehend the iatrogenic effect of exogenous hormone therapy, a review of the normal and abnormal endogenous hormone-related endometrial changes is appropriate.The histopathologic changes of the uterus, and particularly of the endometrium, associated with these therapies encompass a variety of morphologic features that are often difficult to interpret.