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Also try Friends Reunited (UK), My Old Mate (UK), School Friends (Australia & NZ)The Sikh Directory - Small directory, provides information of Sikh people and businesses Jewhoo! Online Dating is so much popular in United States & United Kingdom.There are almost 1000’s of dating web sites in USA & UK only.India is far behind in numbers but there are some dating websites in India.

This website is free and you can easily find so many user from your local area.

COURT RECORDS Usually you need to visit the courthouse, but sometimes you can search online.

MILITARY There are numerous ways of finding where someone is stationed, or catch up with old comrades.

INMATES Most prisons have online databases of inmates, usually with photos and conviction details.

SEX OFFENDERS In an attempt to protect children, many states and counties have databases of these evil men (and the occasional woman).

Maiden - a database of people who have changed surname (mostly women who married).