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05-Jun-2016 10:24

Family members: Fill in the relationship, name, sex, date of birth, nationality and permanent residential address of your family member (parents, spouse, children and siblings, if any), even they do not travel with you.

This information will not affect on your trip, just for immigration Department’s reference in emergency cases. Passport or international travel document number: Currently, there are three kinds of passport: ordinary passport, diplomatic passport and official passport. Fill in the arrival date of previous entry into Vietnam (if any) or leave it blank 14.

Vietnamese visa application form is required of all foreign passengers arriving in Vietnam by air.

The form will be handed out to you either on the airplane or when you arrive at a Vietnam airport.

Note: The note below On Arrival Form is somewhat out of date these days. Nationality at birth: Fill in your nationality when you were born 6.

Permanent residential address: Your address and phone number in your country 11.

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And the first kind (ordinary passport) is the most popular. Intended date of entry: Fill in your expected arrival date and staying duration in Vietnam (as long as not before the arrival date and after the exit date noted in your Vietnam visa approval letter) 15.

Purpose of entry: Entry purpose as specified in your visa approval letter (tourism/ business) 16.

After you fill in the form, please return it to the immigration officer who will stamp your passport with a visa on arrival, or give you an entry stamp if you already have a pre-arranged visa.

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