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The or sacred dance at the end of a special mass – all in honor of the great composer.The purpose of this article is to narrate and discuss the life history and artistic accomplishments of the great St. We argue that St Yared was a great scholar who charted a modernist path to Ethiopian sense of identity and culture.He could not compete with the other children, despite the constant advice he was receiving from his uncle.In fact, he was so poor in his education, kids used to make fun of him.He is credited for inventing the of the Church; the chant that has been in use continuously for the last almost 1500 years.It is indeed a classical tradition both musically and culturally.

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Realizing that he was not going to be successful with his education, Yared left school and went to Medebay, a town where his another uncle resided.

Elaborate visual representation of chants, the introduction of additional musical instruments, movements and performances by Ethiopian scholars have further enriched and secured the continuity and dynamism of the tradition to the present.