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02-Oct-2017 06:01

The dark occultists have a deep understanding of the natural law principles. Moral Relativeism is one of the four tenets of Satanism. We must not conduct our lives on opinions and perceptions of right and wrong. If man made laws are in harmony with Natural law, said man made laws are redundant.

They erroneously believe that they can use Natural Law as a weapon against humanity. We must conduct our lives on objective right and wrong. It would be like enacting into law the fact that two plus two is equal to four.

A few seconds later, you hit the pavement at a hundred miles an hour.

When you break Natural Law by using directed energy weapons against another human being, there will be a time delay before you feel any pain. If a law is contrary to Natural Law, it is not even a genuine law, and therefore should not be called a law. Any system which would allow the “selling” of human rights would inevitably lend itself to plutocracy or rule by the rich, because they would buy up everyone else’s rights and thus ultimately enslave them.

Abdication of personal responsibility by unquestioningly and obediently following orders will generate harsh experiences for those order followers. If you live your life out of alignment with the laws of nature you will experience extremely harsh experiences.

Obediently following orders without first assessing if the order is objectively right or wrong in out of alignment with the science of Natural Law. It is just a concept that was created by dark occultists in order to manipulate us to unthinkingly commit acts of extreme evil when unquestioningly following orders. The dark occultists created religious systems and other distractions so that we would not look into the knowledge of Natural Law.

By convincing other individuals to do their dirty work for them they believe they have created a barrier between themselves and Natural Law. If a law maker enacted a law stating two plus two equals three it would never make it true.

When you are out of harmony with Natural Law there is usually a short time delay before you feel any pain.

Natural Law is a knowable, testable and proveable science.

We are all infolded in and surrounded by a field of intelligent energy.

Our behaviours interact with this field of intelligent energy and then this field of intelligent energy will give back to us new experiences based on our past behaviour.

Those who wish to rule by remote neural monitoring of others are practicing mastery over others and therefore they have no self-mastery over their own egotistical desires.

Under Natural Law they will eventually experience extremely harsh experiences.

One of the seven Hermetic principles which underpins Universal Law is the principle of rhythm which states that in everything there is manifested a measured motion and the swing of the pendulum to the right is the measure of the swing of the pendulum to the left.

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