Did meagan good dating soulja boy

23-Aug-2017 16:17

Yeah....these pics are about to cause some trouble. The head the photoshopped on that body is from that pic where he was holding his dick in that red shirt. THERE IS ALSO THE SAME LAPTOP IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE SCREEN.

Soulja Boy has been linked to a gay sex tape DVD in which he is allegedly starring in. LETS NOT RUIN THE BOYS CAREER LOL Definitely photoshopped.

Honestly, had the dude been anybody else I would have believe this ish with no hesitation. this is a stone cold butt ass lie chris would neva do dat eva1 and btw his fans would b piss and hes a role model so....... idk bout diz but wow Rhianna and Chris are two young entertainers, whom have worked themselves into a messy situation ,and thats (THEIR) life.

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don't know if it's cut and pasted but look closely their lips are not actually touching. You will NOT get married, you baby will NOT be claimed and you WILL have to fight for 0/month in child support. "a sex tape only works for the Kim Kardashians of the world." AND "Not trying to say 50 isn’t on his way to having a valid acting career or anything–but replacing an Oscar winner? " --------------------------------------------------- This is the first time, in a LONG TIME, that I have heard Tasha say anything that I absolutely agree with. Is the old Tasha back...please LET IT BE SO!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I hear u Tasha, after all this IS Mya we are talkin about...Some are saying they even used to date but I doubt that. Mya's rep has put out a statement saying she is not and never was dating Gucci Mane.

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