Debian updating etch Doctors cams xxx

29-Dec-2016 16:17

1.2.7 - 9 July 2008 - removed appendices on mail server, moved it to seperate document...

The packages waiting to be made available in the next point release are held in a repository known as stable-proposed-updates but seemingly more readily available as etch-proposed-updates.

You can subscribe to this repository to get these packages as they enter the queue rather than waiting for the release date.

For access to packages headed for but not yet entered etch-proposed-updates - 'Packages awaiting proposed-updates moderation - Summary for proposed-updates': upgrade to the next version of Debian, replace the code name / alias in from 'etch' to 'lenny'. To upgrade from Woody to Etch you must first upgrade to Sarge, then to Etch. Use the latest Debian 'stable' distribution (this document is for version 4.0) from (Note that because Etch is now archived it can only be downloaded from

This server guide and my experiences have only been tested in environments with up to fifteen people/workstations so don't expect it to be spot-on when it comes to other areas.

I have no experience of running a server openly on the Internet or a (Linux) server at high capacity for large numbers of users so expect the advice as applied to these realms to be vague.

(LVM already uses UUID (similar to label) in mdadm.conf) It's usually easiest to choose automatic network addressing during installation, if you have a DHCP server running.