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Join the discussion or read about others staying active with this disease. The magazine interviewed me for a series of articles about staying cool and managing heat, one of my specialties at Active MSers. The moment I start cranking, feelings of liberation, glee, freedom overpowered my multiple sclerosis. And then in the next moment, feelings of terror and dread took over. Likely reexamine life’s priorities and, perhaps, stretch boundaries. Suzanne Powell was used to 9-hour kayaking day trips. On a recent weekend while hiking in Sedona, I walked more in a single day than I had since 2009--2.9 miles, over 6,200 gimpy steps. As my wife and I were about to start a fall hike in the Rio Grande bosque, a beautiful forested ribbon of gold every October, we took pause at a posted sign at the trailhead. "At Least You Don't Have Cancer." People say lots of silly things when they hear you have multiple sclerosis. Can strengthening leg muscles help you walk better? And we somehow get ourselves into sketchy situations that inevitably involve rickety wooden bridges and potentially calamitous falls. a well-rounded and very efficient way to achieve a higher level of fitness … I did just that when a relapse threatened to turn my dream Italy trip into a bad Chevy Chase movie even the Grizwalds would have avoided.

This article, which first appeared on Healthline, is a must read and will help you get over even the steepest exercise hump. But new research published at the American Academy of Neurology’s 2017 conference in Boston shed light on an exercise routine and its potential benefit to MSers. , the publication of the American Academy of Neurology and largest Neurology magazine in the world, interviewed yours truly on participating in clinical trials. You'll even read about my successful quest to use underarm deodorant again.

Multiple Sclerosis.net, they were probably not expecting my introductory article to include discussions of kitten photos, Cheetos, constipation, sharknadoes, halfwits, and bro hugs.

When you finish reading my newest blog post, some of you are really going to hate me. After all, there is some good news with the bad news.

I’d like to pass along to you the most essential disability cruising tips that I’ve learned from those and past voyages—6 months at sea combined—exploring the planet’s oceans, seas, and rivers.

Last month Healthline announced the top MS blogs of 2017.FULL REVIEW., is a resource to help people with multiple sclerosis understand how they can keep their brains as healthy as possible and request the highest possible standard of care from healthcare professionals.

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