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03-Jun-2016 18:50

We film all three people on the date - in a bar/restaurant, just talking over drink."It's up to you what you talk about, just exactly how you would on a first date."The Threesome is just one of Channel Four's sex related shows with past programmes including Sex Box and The Great British Sex Survey.However, unlike these other two programmes, The Threesome will be broadcast on digital channel All 4.

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Before considering taking part on the programmer, candidates are allegedly told: "We film a pre-date interview with the couple and single on the same day just before the date, finding out a little bit about each person and what your ideal threesome would be."Then we put you on your perfect three-way date.

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Candidates for the shocking dating series are reportedly told: "Hopefully you will all hit it off."A TV source told The Sun: "Channel 4 loves to push the boundaries but it's strange to see producers blatantly setting members of the public up to have three-way sex."Shows such as First Dates are brilliant and just a bit of innocent fun, but this seems a little more sleazy.

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Shows like this are becoming more and more common so must be a ratings draw."The series, which will be broadcast online later this year, has been described as "a sexy, sophisticated insight into the world of three-way dating".

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