Dating with crohns

05-Jul-2016 20:17

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Things that seem small to you, the supporter — like a hug — can turn an entire day around for your sick loved one. God put you two together – and the reason why is so obvious. I truly enjoy catching up (no-stalker, I swear) and learning from your incredible journey. I have long told my husband, family etc that this disease is far harder on them than me (most of the time) because I know how I feel minute to minute but unless I spend all day telling them (and I DO NOT) they really don’t know and can only guess/worry.The love between you is very special – do not EVER take that for granted! I loved this so much (and am crying at my desk work). I’ve been a long time reader and this brought me to tears. Good guy there Ali – you two are so amazing together.What I wasn’t prepared for was what life with Crohn’s was like during a flare-up.

None of me judged Ali, but a little piece of me felt sad for her that she had to deal with this.Ali felt extremely uncomfortable and her stomach was unpredictable. When it seemed it couldn’t go on any longer, it did. None of this will be easy, so don’t overcomplicate it.Could she leave the apartment without needing a bathroom? Could she get her work done, or would she be too sick? These questions probably went through my head more than hers. But then out of nowhere (probably due to the 67th medicine her doctor had her try), it all stopped. All of the chaos was gone and we were back to “normal.” It was a win. Final Thoughts on Dealing with Someone Dealing with Crohn’s Disease As I was writing this, my thoughts wandered and I replayed a thousand scenarios in my head.I too have Crohn’s disease and my wonderfully supportive husband makes my life better in a thousand ways every day, so I found this particularly interesting to read. It’s not often that my work life and my runner life and my work life overlap, but i’d love to share this link with my organization (I work at a non-profit in D. that advocates for greater federal funding for research into diseases and conditions that impact women. Here’s to many years of health and happiness…………………and giraffes 🙂 was in late 50swhen I was dignosed had operation few years ago no pain now was only 5 stone weight back on now but keeping food down an ordeal hard to live with and works a nightmare think its worse on youre own .

A big thank you to Brian for sharing his point of view and I’m so happy that the two of you found each other 🙂 This is amazing. (Also, this needs a Not Safe for Work disclaimer at the beginning. Do you mind if I re-tweet the link to this and share with my colleagues? I loved Ali’s post yesterday, because it was so ME. To reiterate what every preceding commentor has said, #BAWLING.

Having support from family, friends, and significant others is absolutely paramount during the bad days. 🙂 Ali: You are one very lucky woman to have someone like that by your side! Alison…because even after 10 years away from the studio floor, it’s strange to say Ali (she was that “other” Alison….)…even knowing you for much of my life, I am baffled when I think back to the years where a normal weekend for us was spent at the CCA-Concord and I don’t think any of us knew the pain or illness you were dealing with.