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Khan and over eighty of the "supermen" were condemned to die as war criminals.

They however went unaccounted for, a fact the governments of the time did not disclose to the public in order to prevent panic.

Human Rights Watch has reported that as many as 4.6 million cluster bombs were dropped on Lebanon by Israel.

In 2014, during Israel’s 51-day attack on Gaza, Gadot praised the Israeli army.

They created a race of "supermen," popularly known as the Augments, who were mentally and physically superior to ordinary men and women.

They were five times stronger than the average person, their lung efficiency was fifty percent better than normal, and their intelligence was double that of normal Humans.

They also had enhanced senses, including an ability to hear beyond that of Human capabilities.

() One aspect these scientists overlooked was the personality of the Augments.

( Records from this period are fragmented, but what is known is that the wars' roots lie in a group of Human scientists' ambitious attempt to improve the race through selective breeding and genetic engineering.Rumors were later on confirmed in the 23rd century that Khan and 84 of his followers had managed to flee the planet unattended aboard an early sleeper ship, the SS Botany Bay.