Dating someone on your floor in college Interracial chat bot

13-Sep-2017 22:00

This makes it difficult to mend the wound, especially if he or she starts dating another person.Furthermore, it might feel awkward on your dorm floor and your peers may feel like they have to pick sides.While the social atmosphere is different at every school, love, sex and dating (and questions about all three) are a part of many students' college experiences, right alongside being challenged academically and learning incredible new ways to think about the world. I started a few weeks back and I love it here, the campus, my classes, my suite mates and my floormates.“Floorcest” is easy to commit and has its benefits, but you must fully consider the outcome of dating your cutie of a neighbor.You have a whole campus of people to meet and you shouldn’t immediately settle down with someone on your floor unless you really want to.Rules create the illusion of safety and control in a situation that, by its very nature, is uncontrollable.For instance: the rule against "floorcest" is meant to prevent post-hookup awkwardness—the idea being that if things end badly, you're then sharing a lounge, bathroom, and/or communal microwave with a person who broke your heart.

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But let's be real: if you're mature enough to date, aren't you also mature enough to handle a modicum of awkwardness if things go sour?No body likes to think about the possibility of breaking up and the wreckage it brings, but it should most definitely be considered when you live next door.Unless one of you moves to another dorm after breaking up, you will be seeing this person often.Rather than having to walk across campus to visit them, meeting up with your next-door significant other only requires a few steps and a knock on the door.

Things like weather and public transportation will never get in the way of your hang out time.I've heard so many opinions on "inter-floor-dating." Some people say it's acceptable, some say avoid it at all costs.

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