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One of the many pleasures of living in Indonesia is having the opportunity to learn about and collect Indonesian arts and handicrafts.

The diversity evident in Indonesia's 300 plus ethnic groups is reflected in the diversity of its art forms.

crock with cobalt handles and a lid, chip on rim, 10 1/2" h. White in the 1st Regiment of Illinois Light Artillerycalled into the Service of the United States by The Presidenton the 16th of June, 1861; Handwritten letter from the Treasury Department dated November 12th, 1844 in reply to a letter from Abe Knowlton about whether his son Samuel Knowlton (enlisted in the 6th Infantry of the Peace Establishment) is yet living. Collection of travel pamphlets, books, and photograph albums including: "The Adirondacks"; "Gaspe Peninsula"; "Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park Maine"; "La Province De Quebec"; Photograph albums - Mergantic Club, Agnes, P. Chapman, sculpt.", matted, framed and glazed, 17" x 19 1/2" (sight). oil on mahogany board, of three men seated at a table in a tavern, with waitress in a long skirt, labeled "Little Art Shop, Providence, R. on South Street...", 6" seat h, 14" overall h; Early 20th c.

Stevens"; and a Teaspoon with basket of flowers, marked "George C. Rare wooden canteen, pine, in original green painted finish, wonderfully decorated with a white "L L" in a red painted circle with sunburst pattern in red, original leather sling, stamped on reverse "J R", Hingham, (JPR collection). oil on board, snowy landscape with farmhouses, mountains and birch trees in foreground, labeled on back "Snowbound, William J. Grueby ceramic art pottery vase, cucumber matt green glaze, six intersecting ribbed leaves with pointed tops, sharply defined raised edges, brown glazed interior, impressed circular stamp on bottom "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", carved initials "ERF", "6-28" and "Z" in green glaze, overall very good condition, 10 1/2" h, 9" dia (at shoulder). A.", with carved initials "PE", and "85", 7" h; Smaller jar/vase has five raised leaves with yellow buds on stems in between the leaves, small rim chip, lighter green glaze, stamped on bottom, 4 3/8" h; Slightly taller jar/vase has five ribbed leaves with small buds in between, stamped "Grueby Pottery, Boston U. Two Grueby ceramic art pottery pieces: Low profile vase, cream/white matt glaze, green glaze interior, impressed circular stamp "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", 2" h, 5" dia; Tall cylindrical vase, multiple raised ribbon pattern, cucumber green matt glaze, round blue printed paper label "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", "Registered", and lotus flower, "507" on a white rectangular label, 8 3/4" h, 3 1/2" dia; both in very good condition.American, finely done painting of a woman riding side saddle on a white horse, pictured in a mountain setting in a valley in the fall with luminescent sky, in a gold leaf frame, 6 3/4" x 5 3/4" (sight). oil on panel, fall landscape with mountain background, trees on edge of meandering river, signed l.l. Holmes", (1900-1988), handwritten on back "Upper Hondo River near Ruidoso, New Mexico", framed, 8" x 10". watercolor, river landscape, men gathering salt hay on the North River, (South Shore, Boston), signed l.r. John Richardson Hingham Collection, 9 1/2" x 13" (sight), (JPR collection). oil on board, harbor scene of a sinking derelict tugboat being boarded by swimmers off a sailboat, in a carved black painted frame (slight damage), signed at bottom "Howard Buck '46", 30" x 36". oil on canvas, New England portrait of a woman in a white lace bonnet, period gilded frame, marked in pigment on back of canvas "Elizabeth Harrington, Aged 64, Painted, 1838", canvas stenciled "Prepared by P. Large print, "Iceland or Ter Falcon, Falco Islandicus Lath, Femde Birds", "Drawn from Nature by J. Audubon, FRS, FLS, England, Printed and Coloured by H. Off., in regards to repairing a mortar wagon; Seven handwritten letters with dates of March 20, 1862, September 5, 1864, June 8, 1864 (mentions the capture of the Rebels), one dated December 12th referring to the speech by Henry Clay, another dated November 24th from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and two dated April 22nd and September 15th from Burlington, Vermont. B., Fo'castle" on side; cylindrical ink bottle with wood stopper, 3 1/4" h; cigarette lighter marked "HB" in black; and "VP Autographic Kodak Special, patd. Foley, 1947", 57" l; "Roasted and Ground Lava Coffee" pine box with wooden objects and tools, found in the workshop of J. Lincoln, including a small powder horn and ink bottle; along with two carpenter's hand saws, "H. Havell, 1837", framed and matted, 37 1/2" x 25" (sight), 50" x 34" (framed), (Note: This is a later printing of the elephant folio from the collection of James Baird, former Director of Massachusetts Audubon Society). C., 1822" (Essex, MA) in black, 13" h, 9" dia, 21" h (at handle). New England Sheraton dressing table, mahogany, pine secondary wood, carved backsplash, four drawers, turned brasses, (one rosette missing on backsplash), carved and turned legs, 39 1/2" h, 36" w, 18" d. Chinese Export Mandarin fan, folding paper and ivory, finely decorated with colorful Chinese figures, green gardens and pavilions in a blue sky and water background, pierced ivory wands with outer wands, deeply carved, intricately woven tassels, set in a deep glazed frame. redware crocks: Unglazed exterior, stamped "J & J Mc Safford, Manufacturers", green interior glaze, rim chip, incised ridge around upper quarter, 10 1/2" h; Green and orange glazed ovoid crock, good overall condition, 10" h. Sheet music for "The Star Spangled Banner", by Francis Scott Key, arranged by Francis H. 1913", with three photos of beach of the Outermost House, and negatives and a glass plate (8" x 4 3/4") of a shipwreck; Lufkin measure in a yellow case, "Henry Beston kept it in a drawer at the Outermost House..."; small brass cased compass; paper calendar, "Wm. Large, early 18th c., round tray/charger, pine, red stained finish, medial split with remnants of old tin repairs, found in the attic of the Anchor Tavern (c. London", serial #121045, original key, missing tray, outside paper labels include "Cie Gle Transatlantique, French Line, Paris - Le Havre", initialed "E. M." on side for Edward Caldwell Moore (1857-1943), very used, well travelled condition, 11 1/2" h, 32" w, 19 1/2" d. London", serial #125720, initialed on side "MMB" for Mary Magoun Brown (sister-in-law of Edward Caldwell Moore), daughter of John Crosby Brown, (note: trunk features the less common Damier print pattern), includes tray and three keys, red stripe interior, very used, well travelled condition, 11 1/2" h, 32" w, 19 1/2" d. London, Nice, Lille", and a red label on left "Jordan Marsh Co. driftwood molded frame with beige cloth lines, 9 1/4" x 14" (signed), 12 1/2" x 17 1/4" (framed). oil on prepared board, old mariner in profile with pipe and telescope with fish basket seated on a barrel at beach, signed l.l. Austen", in a finely carved and gilded frame, pencil in scripting on back, 12" x 10" (sight), 20" x 18" (framed). watercolor on paper, seascape with two-masted brig under sail heading towards the channel marker, with a tugboat on its starboard side and other sailing vessels in the background, signed l.l. "SY" (or "81"), canvas with overall craquelure, minor missing pigment in sky above sailboat, small puncture upper right corner, carved gilt frame, 22 1/2" x 36". style mahogany serpentine card tables, tapered and reeded legs on a tall carved and turned foot, inlaid band of sawtooth designs on edge of top, oval cartouche of satinwood in center with satinwood bands on the sides, (minor variation on inlays on lids), some repairs and minor imperfections, 29 1/2" h, 36" w. Ceramic porcelain, marked "Haviland & Co., Limoges", fish serving set, oval platter hand decorated with fish shells, seaweed in greens and reds, with a silver and brown sea leaf and vine border, fine condition, 23 1/2" l, 9 1/2" d; nine plates, each with individual decoration of sea life, (three have minor chips and age line); and an oval waste bowl with underliner (chipped on rim). Ellie Morrill", overall good condition, 12 1/2" h, 11 1/2" dia (at top). Nine books: The Moose Book, Merrill, Samuel, New York, E. Dutton & Co., 1916; Wild Animal Ways, Thompson, Ernest, New York, Doubleday, Page & Co., 1926; A History of Land Mammals, Scott, William, New York, Mac Millan Co., 1913; Tracks & Tracking, Brunner, Joseph, New York, Outing Publishing Co., 1909; Field Book of North American Mammals, Anthony, H. Henry (Beston) and Betty (Coatsworth Beston), 1921"; Thrills of a Naturalist's Quest, Ditmar, Raymond, New York, The Mac Millan Co., 1945, (with dust cover); Audubon, Rourke, Constance, New York, Harcourt Brace & Co., 1936, (with dust cover); (Note: Many of the volumes are stamped "The Fo'Castle, H. Collection of pamphlets and magazines from Henry Beston including "A Glimpse of the Indian Past" by Henry Beston, South Shore Nature Club, 1946; "Oyster River" by Morton Smith, Hingham, Mass., Dec., 1934; "The Bird's Eye View of Boston Harbor, Along the South Shore... Y., opens to 12" x 17 1/2", in plastic sleeve; "Two Christmas Stories" by Morton Smith, Hingham, Mass., December, 1932, "written in the Barnabus Lincoln House, Hingham"; "More Game Birds..." manual, NYC, revised edition 1935; "Birds of the Massachusetts South Shore" by Laurence Brown Fletcher and Charles Benton Floyd", published by the South Shore Nature Club, 1932; article pulled out of Harper's New Monthly Magazine on "Cape Cod, Nantucket, and the Vineyard", pgs. 643-658; "The New England Quarterly", published by The Colonial Society of Mass.

1760), Gen Lafayette stayed there in 1778, South Street, Hingham, 22" dia (one board), William Otis Lincoln, to S. Richardson, Fort Hill, Hingham, with typed Hingham history, (JPR collection). White paper label with red/orange print inside right "Paris I. Boston sole agents for New England", original key and interior tray with straps, originally owned by Dorothea May Moore Burkhead (1894-1995), daughter of Edward Caldwell Moore, attended Radcliffe Graduate School, worked at American Red Cross Hospital in France during WWI, completed her medical degree at Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1922, trunk features labels from the "Italian Line Ocean Liner" et al, overall used but in good condition, 9" h, 26" w, 16 1/2" d. oil on canvas, still life of bushes of red and white grapes, original gilded frame, framed in Providence, Rhode Island, "G. Hoxie", signed in the middle in red "Residence of Mrs. Large watercolor coastal scene, rocky shore with sailing vessels at sea, sun coming through the clouds, signed l.l. (Anton) Fisher", (1854-1916), matted and framed, 20 1/2" x 28 3/4" (sight). English tip-top dining table, octagonal top veneered with band of bird's-eye maple, burled mahogany top, turned shaft terminating in four square saber legs on brass capped castors. pair of reverse painted portraits, oil on glass, of George and Martha Washington, attributed to William Mathew Prior (1806-1873), Boston, MA, c. Sets of mother-of-pearl handled knives, 11 marked "Gorham", salad/luncheon knives, 12 salad luncheon knives, hallmarked on the blades; and 10 dinner knives, marked "Landers, Frary, and Clark, Aetna Workson" on each blade. bronze ship's bell, with finely turned rosewood handle, 15" h, "This Bell recovered from the wreck of the bark Kadosh lost off Point Allerton bar Dec. oil on canvas winter landscape, snowy field with fence, figure on left with donkey cart full of wood, farmhouse in background, heavy carved gold painted frame, signed upper right on back of canvas "F. Oriental rugs: Caucasian scatter, red field with 72 guls in light blue, cream and gold, cup and step border, 6' 4" x 3'; and a smaller Caucasian scatter rug, shows moderate wear in central red field, 5' 3" x 4'. Chippendale side chair, carved crest, crosshatched in a diamond pattern, owl's head splat with chip carving, slip seat, turned "H" stretcher, cabriole legs in front with pad feet, shows repairs at right side, 17 1/2" seat h, 39" overall h, 23" w. Hardin at the Ordnance Office in Washington, dated June 24, 1865, asking if Lieutenant Barstow could come to his office to assist him on that day; Two handwritten letters: one is Special Order No. 52-56; article pulled from The Century Magazine, Vol. and the New England Quarterly, Brunswick, Maine, September 1946; "Sierra Club Bulletin", Vol. 3, San Francisco, California, January 1914; "Arizona Magazine", published by Arizona Magazine Co., Tucson, Vol. 3; (all stamped "The Fo'Castle H Beston"); and a miscellaneous inside title page "Richard Starr, Real Estate Agent, and Abstractor of Titles, Tucson, Arizona"; (JPR collection).

Pine, original blue painted finish (oxydized gray), marked "AH 1824" on bottom, (Abijah Hersey, Jr., 1769-1841 - cooper at 99 Fort Hill St., Hingham), bottom wrap is an old replacement, (JPR collection). work box, dome top, poplar and pine, with original red/brown painted finish, small ring pull on top, lock escutcheon is covered over with early leather, small hinged lid compartment inside lid, bent tin "L" shaped holders for pen or brush inside back, filled with two 19th c. Richardson, Old Fort House, Hingham, Mass.; Note: a rare chance to acquire Isaac Sprague's paint box and a small pantry box initialed by Isaac Sprague and Cotton Hersey of Hingham; (JPR collection). round storage box, cylindrical shape with small iron tacks, two fingers on bottom and one opposing finger on top, pine and ash, original red painted finish, stamped on top "WOL" (William Otis Lincoln), and also on the bottom with "EL", signed under the lid in pencil "Solomon Lincoln, William O. Randall Lincoln 1909, Hingham", 4 1/4" h, 4 1/2" dia at bottom, (JPR collection). Three Grueby ceramic art pottery vases, all in varying shades of matt green glaze, all with ribbed leaves and flower buds: Tall neck vase shows a chip on rim, circular stamp on bottom "Grueby Faience Co. Two Grueby ceramic art pottery low profile bowls, both in light cucumber green matt with a cream white underglaze, coil technique with decorative raised coils in the bottom of the bowls, both impressed with circular "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", both very good condition, with very small portion of glazed foot on large bowl missing (approximately 1"), 2 1/2" h, 8" dia and 3" h, 9 1/2" dia. Grueby ceramic art pottery vase, tall slope shouldered vase with light mottled blue matt glaze, brown interior glaze, impressed circular mark "Grueby Pottery, Boston, U. A.", "3932", (1 1/2" glaze missing on bottom edge, otherwise very good condition), 9 1/2" h. hand-colored prints: South-eastern view of Kingston (Mass.), c. Two framed oil paintings on academy board, both signed l.l.

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