Dating old photographs clothing

05-Aug-2016 07:51

One problem associated with dating old photographs to assess clothing trends is to identify the child's gender.

This problem continued in the 1900s as mothers continued addressing small boys in dresses, but it was less common and declined considerably in the 1910s.

Furniture is one of several items in old photographs that can help date them. We also see whicker furniture in the 1910s, but it is often natural whicjker, not the ones painted white.

A good example is a plain whicker chair used at the American Passaiant Memorial Home in 1915.

This there is not yet a significant sampling of German, Italian, and other European images that would permit any valid conclusions on trends in these countries.

The Buster Brown suit was based on the characteric red suit worn by the main character in a cartoon that first appeared in 1902.