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Spent one night there on my way from Romania to Ukraine Already made a mental note passing through that I should go back. We were now a group of six, and soon headed to dentist friends apartment (nice place and cheap) where he cooked some kick ass Med food for sunrise dinner. This afternoon, nursing a hideous hangover, I headed to beautiful cafe on lake in urban park. At the end of my second Czech beer (.25 thank you), in walked a party of three. They were Russians and the single chica was newly arrived from Moscow.

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It was not until Svetlana’s family threatened to report to the police, that the perpetrator finally admitted his guilt.“She wants to go to university one day, and we’ll support her.I know we took the right decision by refusing the reparatory marriage and her entire life will be better because of it. She will be happy.” Roma women and girls are among the most disadvantaged groups in Moldova, discriminated both on the basis of their ethnicity and gender.To fill the gap, UN Women, UNDP and the National Statistical Office have recently compiled a “Statistical Profile of Roma Women and Girls” [2].

The data and stories, such as those of Svetlana, collected through the initiative will inform future policies and actions.

The tribunal sentenced him to either marry Svetlana or pay a sum of money to her family for having stolen her virginity. What was the chance that such a marriage would last?