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29-Aug-2017 01:04

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"Testosterone affects a whole bunch of things," says Professor Manning.

"There is evidence that these androgen receptors do appear on the fingers in foetal development.

More controversially, researchers have also suggested a link between both male and female homosexuality and digit ratio, but other research has found no effect.

One theory is that higher testosterone exposure in the womb may also have an influence on the developing vascular and respiratory systems, improving the aerobic capacity of the body and to a lesser extent increasing strength.

Other research has suggested higher testosterone levels might lead to a more masculine brain that is more adept at maths and navigation, more prone to aggression, and lacking social skills and agreeableness.

Research at Edmonton University, Alberta has found a link between finger length and depression, with men with a more feminine finger ratio scoring higher on a test for depression, while a study at Groningen University, The Netherlands, found that a masculine ratio was associated with low verbal intelligence, high numerical intelligence, and low agreeableness – all considered to be typical male traits.

Researchers at Cambridge University looked at the finger ratio in a group of male traders in the City of London.

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The results show that the earnings of men with relatively long ring finger were up to six times higher than those of their colleagues.

Athletes with long ring fingers in relation to their index fingers also had superior aerobic capacity.