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When one contestant refers to the new host as the old, the sincerity of the mistake sends the contestant and the audience into hysterics—and gets Mr. Jessie Nizewitz, a 28-year-old model from Long Island, New York, said the producers repeatedly assured her none of private parts would be shown in the episode that aired July 31, according to the New York Post.“She said that her brother and cousin planned to kill her uncle for his insurance money.” The kicker?“Her husband came out and matched the answer,” said Eubanks, chuckling at the memory.

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Over a beer, friends and I are discussing TV bloopers.

Whether contestants are playing , there's always an embarrassing moment or two when contestants start getting hot and heavy on television.

These dating show bloopers include funny things people have said to get out of a bad date, horribly wrong answers to questions about their significant others, and awkward moments between couples who simply don't have good chemistry.

(Contestants have given all sorts of stupid, hilarious, and racy answers on the Newlywed Game over the years, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Bob Eubanks failed to realize that this one answer would become stuff of legend in years to come.) Tired of being asked constantly about something he didn’t remember ever happening, Eubanks developed a standard “reward” response as a way of trying to get people to stop with the same old question already.

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(If he were offering a reward, chances would be pretty good that he was absolutely 100% sure it never happened; ,000 was an amount large enough to get people’s attention, but small enough that he could easily pay it off if something did turn up.) It is true that by 1993 Eubanks didn’t even mention “up the butt” when asked to recall the show’s most outrageous moment: “I asked this young lady what was the one thing that her husband told her not to talk about,” recalled Eubanks.Eventually, Bob Eubanks found himself being asked nearly every day about something that supposedly took place on his show.