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When the government sends in the military to retake a neighborhood and its schools, the ruling gang may lay low for a time, but they can't stay quiet for long or competitors will move in, setting off a wave of violence."The schools are a base of organization for the gangs, and the point through which all children in the neighborhood pass," said Lt. Santos Nolasco, spokesman for the joint military and police force in charge of security in the country of 8.2 million people.Gangs rely on kids to do much of their illegal grunt work, knowing that even if they get caught, they won't face long jail sentences.The bralet is what caught our eye after we had taken in the waves of candyfloss pink hair.What's not to like about this super sexy leather-look lace pick from Ann Summers? Alternatively, check out similar lacy crops in the line up below.Street gangs control most schools in Tegucigalpa, where a lot of the students are gangsters, along with their parents.(AP Photo/Esteban Felix) It can't exactly be said that street gangs are recruiting in Honduran schools because gangs in Honduras don't need to recruit.

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Gang members, meanwhile, circulate catalogues of their girls offering sexual services for sale. 28, 2014 photo, a member of Hondura's Military Police, stands guard at the entrance of a school, during the last day of class, in the Canaan neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

There’s no bad blood it just wasn’t working out between them."However, despite her painful splits, Jesy tried to take the positives from it and says she "learned a lot more about herself" when she was single.

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