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18-Sep-2017 08:25

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Jobster isn’t spoken about nearly enough, yet it is a powerful platform for networking with employers who are offering jobs, while you’re searching.You can upload your resume, embed your video resume, showcase links to your site, your picture and tag your skills, which is a unique differentiator.When searching for jobs, you’ll be able to see who listed the item and then message them to show your interest.When you find a job opening that you’re interested in, you’ll be able to message the hiring manager directly.For instance, the subject line of the message will auto-populate with “Principal Web Developer in Littleton, MA” in the subject line.

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When you search for a job, recognize who in your network might help you get to the hiring manager.

You’re given 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections on Linked In that you should be using to secure a job opening.

Plaxo is a social network that resembles Linked In to a certain degree.

Twitter breaks down communication barriers and lets you talk directly to hiring managers, without having to submit a resume immediately to a machine.

Although Twitter is probably one of the best networking tools on the planet, it needs to be supplemented with a blog or Linked In profile.

In addition to joining, creating profiles and searching for jobs, I encourage you to support these sites with either a traditional website or blog, so that you have more to present to employers, in addition to your profile.