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Mormon settlement increased as hundreds of members from Kirtland and elsewhere poured into Missouri.

Latter-day Saints established new colonies outside of Caldwell County, including Adam-ondi-Ahman in Daviess County and De Witt in Carroll County.

According to an article in the Elders' Journal – a Latter Day Saint newspaper published in Far West – "The Saints here are at perfect peace with all the surrounding inhabitants, and persecution is not so much as once named among them..." In 1837, problems at the Church's headquarters in Kirtland, Ohio, centering on the Kirtland Safety Society bank, led to schism.

The Church relocated from Kirtland to Far West, which became its new headquarters.

Most of these refugees settled in or near what would become the city of Nauvoo, Illinois.

Shortly after what Mormons consider to be the restoration of the gospel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1830, Joseph Smith revealed that the Second Coming of Christ was near, that the City of Zion would be near the town of Independence in Jackson County, Missouri, and that his followers were destined to inherit the land held by the current settlers.

The skirmish is often cited as the first serious violence of the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri.

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Possession became unclear and the dissenters threatened the church with lawsuits.

In 1834, Latter-day Saints attempted to effect a return to Jackson County with a quasi-military expedition known as Zion's Camp, but this effort also failed when the governor failed to provide the expected support.

New converts to Mormonism continued to relocate to Missouri and settle in Clay County.

Smith's followers, commonly known as Mormons, began to settle in Jackson County in 1831 to "build up" the city of Zion.

Tensions built up between the rapidly growing Mormon community and the earlier settlers for a number of reasons: culminating in the expulsion of the Mormons from the entire state.

At the same time Mormons, including Sampson Avard, began to organize a secret society known as the Danites, whose purposes included obeying the church presidency "right or wrong" and expelling the dissenters from Caldwell County.