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14-Jul-2016 23:15

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It gives an absolute, objective measurement of the time since the clay at the sampling site was fired.

In addition it can detect unfired clay and restoration material.

This is rarely justified for authentication, since our normal tests are usually fully sufficient to identify modern imitations.

Analysis of our results shows that 92% of our tests either give ages consistent with those expected within the 20% limits or the piece is modern.

So one important question is when the modern copies might have been made.

If there were no modern copies until the 20th century then, providing the sample is sensitive and we do not obtain a spurious signal, the practical limit for a trustworthy test is the 18th century.

Resin is an organic substance which can be used to mould or bind clay.

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The latest pieces in this case would be the 17th century for reliable testing.

Authenticity aims to distinguish between an original piece and a modern copy.

Dating aims to give a precise historical date to an object.

TL can indicate: Whether the clay is fired or unfired. Treatment with organic material (can be supported by an organics test).

Restoration using plaster or other material which is not clay.We can only date an object if it has been excavated under controlled conditions and if we can monitor the burial site in situ.

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