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She went to Washington, DC, as the private flying specialist for the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA) to help the country prepare for World War II, where she chose flying schools that could serve as training centers for military flyers.She tried to convince the CAA to use women as flight instructors, but they turned her down.

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She is given credit for being the first American woman to solo on September 16, 1910, in one of the aircraft she and her husband built.Three years later she broke the world's non-stop cross-country record, for men or women, by flying 590 miles from Chicago, Illinois, to Hornell, New York.

Now my daughter definitely picks out her own outfits and she will lay it down and look at it and say, ' This is not great.' And then she tries to tell me what to wear and what she likes out of the closet, like just my mom being in a fur store and me picking one and saying, ' I like this one mom,' and her looking at the price and it being the most expensive one. Steph Curry also is the MVP, so to make your point, Steph Curry –__I wasn't – you can't make my point. What was the name of the Will Smith movie that I referenced earlier today? … continue reading »

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The Apatow men hit the screen anatomically intact: they’re emasculated but not castrated, as the repeated images of the flopping genitals in Forgetting Sarah Marshall remind you." The word came under extreme criticism when it was used during episode four of Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 6.… continue reading »

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As a fantasy, her come-on seemed overbaked—not one daughter, but two!… continue reading »

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Although the Spanish did not land, natives paddled to the ship to trade furs for abalone shells from California.… continue reading »

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