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25-Jan-2017 03:30

Below, we discuss the most significant aspects of Elena Kagan's experience and writings as they relate to the Supreme Court.

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Kagan's time as dean is perhaps best known for shifts in the composition of and relationships among the law school's faculty (including particularly among conservatives and liberals).Senators ought to dig deeply, she contended, asking straightforward questions about both the nominee's judicial philosophy and her substantive views on constitutional issues: "The critical inquiry as to any individual similarly concerns the votes she would cast, the perspective she would add (or augment), and the direction in which she would move the institution" (934).Nominees could be asked about their views on particular issues that the Court regularly faces, such as "privacy rights, free speech, race and gender discrimination, and so forth" (936).In the other, she argues that the Court can still regulate pornography and hate speech under her interpretation of the First Amendment.

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Kagan's 2001 article "Presidential Administration," published in the , was named the year's top scholarly article by the American Bar Association's Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.

We separately discuss the specific votes she likely will receive for and against her confirmation.