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01-Aug-2016 19:09

I think it is meant to be useful for when a child is having difficulties at school and offers pointers as to what sort of difficulties they are having and where to go from there with referalls to outside agencies etc.

So it seems to be a starting point and may tease out if the child's difficulties are mostly attentional/ communication/ physical and so on, or a combination.

This followed nearly three decades of pit closures, each one declared too uneconomical to keep open – a drain on public finances that the Thatcher and John Major governments believed the taxpayer would not tolerate.

Significant divisions remain in former mining towns in the UK.

For some, these revelations about the UDM will justify their view that the breakaway union was too close to the Thatcher government, and no doubt provide some closure.

Others will feel betrayed by the union that was supposed to be protecting them.

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David Norgrove’s report on their October 1986 meeting showed how “the Prime Minister ...