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Marcion was one of the best known Christian leaders in the early church, and, in my judgment, Acts was written as, at least in part, a response to the challenge he presented.

It an-swers the Marcionite contentions point by point.

It becomes unlikely that Acts provides us with an eye-witness account of the life of Paul.

The author is a generation removed from the time of those persons he writes about and, although he devotes sig-nificant attention to Paul, he fails to mention important things about him.

Scholars who favor this argument may draw on the fact that the author of Acts included ample and detailed descriptions of Paul's earlier trials, and they observe that he would have done the same with the Roman trial if that had been possible.

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Second, compelling arguments can be made that the author of Acts was acquainted with some materials written by Josephus, who completed his in 93-94 CE.Convincing arguments have been made especially in the case of Galatians by scholars who are convinced that the author of Acts not only knew this Pauline letter but regarded it as a problem and wrote to subvert it.They especially call attention to the verbal and ideational similarities between Acts 15 and Galatians 2 and show how the dif-ferences may be intended to create a distance between Paul and some of his later interpreters and critics.The destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple by Roman armies in 70 CE is not mentioned in Acts but is probably alluded to in Luke -24. 90 CE, since the author seems to be ignorant about Paul's letters, which were not collected and circulated before that date.

Several implications follow from dating Acts in this intermediate period.

Marcion stressed the distance between Jesus and the Hebrew Scriptures, but the author of Acts repeatedly showed that Paul and all the other Christian preachers maintained that Jesus fulfilled the predictions of the Hebrew prophets.