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23-Aug-2017 15:09

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This pattern usually comes into evidence around the age of 15.

(I’m obligated to say here that it’s not a great idea to send anyone nude photos of yourself, particularly someone you’ve only been involved with for a few months, but I realize I’m fighting a losing battle on that one.) It is, however, your company’s business that he shared the photos at work, and it should trigger a sexual harassment investigation by your company, which should result in consequences for him, not you.If it comes to your company’s attention, they’d be obligated to act on it — and that should result in consequences for him, not you.The only way you should get in any trouble here is if you sent him the pictures through company email or on work time.He sent me a text calling me names and showed some nude pictures of me to other coworkers.

Now at the store I work for, everyone knows about the pictures.Sociopaths are also unable to conform to what society defines as a normal personality.