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12-Jan-2017 02:14

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My daughters would fall asleep on my chest, knowing they were safe and sound, and I could relax as I knew they were being protected.

It’s a physical badge and sign that says you are sensitive and caring. In the 80’s and early 90’s you would never hear a man openly talk about moisturising!You have proved your masculinity enough by fathering a child, now go forward and be proud of what you have achieved! Carrying acts as a soother and helps to get our boys to sleep.(security guard and Sling Dad Dom) It’s great to be able to keep my new baby happy and content long enough that my wife can get some rest or go and have some time with our older children.Males are pushed, programmed or subtly convinced from an early age – from day one in some cases – to be “a boy”, “a man”.

We are encouraged to play with boy’s toys, wear boy’s clothes and we were told “boys don’t cry” and to “man up”. The more time I spend with you the more I trust you, and the more I can let you look after me when Mummy isn’t here. I love it when you look at me with your proud eyes, it makes me feel good. I love being carried on your chest where we can chat till I am ready to snuggle contentedly to sleep.