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You can’t really cross Command so how the hell is Olivia going to save Jake without ending up dead herself? The fact that she came up with this idea of saving Jake right in front of his face, I thought was really smart.But, turns out, it’s sort of what Rowan has wanted all along — getting back into the Oval and getting the position of power, and now it looks like that’s through both Olivia and Jake.I think as long as he believes that this is what Olivia wants, he is not going to ruffle any feathers. Bellamy: The way when we read it, I think it’s intentionally murky so that we’re left wondering this summer. It seems like it was Rowan’s plan all along, but whether or not Jake was in on the plan, I can’t tell. He’s been wrapped up in government and B613 and this subplot of intrigue and espionage for so long, that I think he jus wants out. There were plans to make Jake Vargas’ vice president and that fell out because Olivia scooped him up and realized making him Mellie’s vice president was the only way to save him.Bellamy: Between slowly finding out the truth about Jake, I also don’t think he’ll do well in an ornamental, not functional position. There was a Jake-centric episode a few weeks ago when we saw how Jake became Jake Ballard and how he came under Rowan’s thumb, and I just think he really wants to break away. I believe that he believes that he’s gone from being one person’s b-tch to the next [laughing].The laughable accusation was based in large part on the fact that Abedin’s late father had founded the Of all people, it was Republican Senator John Mc Cain who rebutted Bachmann’s claims on the Senate floor, calling them “unwarranted and unfounded”, and describing Abedin as “an intelligent, upstanding, hard-working, and loyal servant of our country and our government.” Even before news broke of the new Clinton email probe, GOP nominee Donald Trump and his allies were including Abedin and Weiner in their conspiracy theories.In August, Roger Stone, a sometime Trump adviser, referred to Abedin as a “Saudi asset”.But the embarrassed programme had to axe footage of the pair together after their colourful work histories were revealed.The “Scandal” finale set up the presidential election for Season 6 in ways Gladiators could have never expected.

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I just think that was the moment they started diverging and I think the chasm between them will cause much pain and agony, as the campaign goes forward. There’s a military men bond the two of them have that is almost unbreakable. [laughing] She’s there to serve a purpose — to round him out and to make sure that he checks all the boxes. As long as she says, ‘This is what you do,’ I think this is what he’s going to be doing — until he mans up. In tonight’s episode, he says, ‘I went from being Rowan’s b-tch to your b-tch,’ and I think that’s how he feels. It will really be bloodbath if we come back to an election in Season 6.

That’s a really interesting storyline that hopefully will play out in Season 6.

Bellamy Young: It’s so interesting because I just don’t think that Mellie knows that much about Jake.

After Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) nabbed the presidential nominations last week, their vice presidential running mates were revealed in Thursday night’s season ender.

Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) ended up being selected to run with Mellie, though he doesn’t seem privy to the idea — but he’s going along with it because Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) came up with the idea in order to save him.I would wager that being so close [to being President], she’d be able to make peace with it in her mind that if she could just get the office, then she’d have the power and it wouldn’t matter how she got there. Maybe when he’s out of the White House, he will be a more viable option and a free man.

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