Cyber dating expert julie spira

06-Jun-2016 14:37

Cyber-Dating is definitely a big business; just look at all of the television commercials pushing different sites.

Her search to find "the one" are relatable to anyone who has ever tried to find love online.Of course, the fault was never hers and the guys were always the one to do wrong.I quickly threw out the self-help part as I felt the author really had nothing in common with the average person looking for love online.Julie Spira, a pioneer in the Internet industry, became the first on her block to post an online dating profile.

You'll follow her journey as she skillfully navigates the web, hoping to replace what she once thought was the love of her life with a new Inter This romantic tell-all memoir spanning over 250 online dates, is filled with heartfelt, witty, and hilarious stories.

Plus with rules like you can lie about your age by 5 to 10 years and your body weight by 5 to 10 lbs but be upset if the guy does it was a little far fetching.