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In a 2012 interview, Carlson said he intended as “a conservative news site in the mold of the liberal Huffington Post but with more firearms coverage and fewer nipple-slip slide shows.” That’s strange, since the front page is full of garbage like “Jennifer Lawrence Not Apologizing For Leaked Pole-Dancing Video” and “Elise Lobb's Skirt Is Losing The Battle With The Wind In This Video.” At least doesn’t have a feature called “Daily Vaper.”Goatee qualities: Founder used to wear bowties, publishes anti-immigrant screeds by Ann Coulter, loves vaping Anti-goatee qualities: Openly horny for Jennifer Lawrence Worst current headline: Tie between "STUDY: Women Report Being Unhappy In Leadership Positions” and “Sanctuary City Mayor Trashes American Hero Robert E.Lee” was founded by Louise Mensch, the former Tory MP and Murdoch footsoldier who recently retooled herself into a liberal icon by tweeting conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia.Upon opening the website, a splash screen demands that you read Shapiro’s FREE EBOOK, titled The anti-college beat has been his schtick for 13 years — while a student at UCLA, he built a media brand around remaining a proud virgin in the face of widespread liberal indoctrination and sexual debauchery.Now a decade out of college, the sources of Shapiro’s emotional angst have broadened somewhat.The evidence for this raging culture war comes in the form of headlines like “‘Star Wars’ Triggers Social Justice Warriors With ‘Offensive’ Tweet” and “Gay Porno Attacked for ‘Culturally Offensive’ Sex Scene Using Aboriginal Wind Instrument,” both of which reference random internet comments.When isn’t scouring Twitter replies for TRIGGERED PC SNOWFLAKES or claiming that Google search results are a SJW SAFE SPACE, they unearth goofy articles in no-name journals and present them as indicative of academia as a whole.The site itself is difficult to pin down, as it fails to embody any specific branch of conservatism.

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Goatee qualities: Unflinchingly self-serious, convinced it can pull a fast one on liberals by being racist eloquently instead of with phrases like “the disease of the Arab mind” — actually, scratch that Anti-goatee qualities: At least one columnist has blazed it Worst current headline: "Leave Your Safe Spaces: The 2017 Commencement Address at Hampden-Sydney College" contributors largely adhere to the Old Right value of isolationism, to their credit.

Ranking the many publications of the online right on a linear left-to-right scale would be difficult — the conservative internet is a jungle of resentment and pent-up sexual energy.