Conditional formatting not updating

04-Feb-2017 22:37

The new Fluent UI gives you much more control and versatility in the way you visually present data.

You can further refine this control through the collection in the VBA object model.

Specifically, without writing formulas, you can conditionally format cells: This dialog allows you to add new conditional formats to the selected range.

Through this UI, you can add all the conditional formats that are available through the Ribbon as well as a set of additional, slightly more sophisticated conditional formats.

I would encourage you to experiment with conditional formatting on your own data to maximize its impact on your customers.

In another column, I discuss using the new conditional formatting features with Microsoft Pivot Table views.

Based on these findings, a number of new conditional formatting rules are added in Excel 2007 to address the most common customer scenarios.

These rules are broken down into a few categories in the new user interface (UI) to make it easier to find the correct rule type.

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As those of you who have written conditional formatting by using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in previous versions of Excel are aware, the As you see from this series of Office Talk columns, conditional formatting in Excel 2007 is much easier to apply, with many more options, than in previous versions.To follow this article, you can work with any simple data set or download the example or workbook.Ordinarily, conditional formats adjust as you enter and update values.Learn how to take advantage of the powerful conditional formatting options from the UI and programmatically.

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(6 printed pages)One of the primary goals of the Excel 2007 team when they were planning updates to conditional formatting was to make a greater number of scenarios possible without the need to write formulas. Excel 2003 gives you two choices when creating conditional formats: you can either set up numerical comparisons (for example, this cell is greater than a value, less than a value, equal to a value, etc.), or you can use a formula to specify conditions.

While formulas are powerful and flexible, they take more time to implement and typically require a deeper knowledge of the product to set them up.

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