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By Layer 8, roughly corresponding to 6500 BC, the cultural evidence became continuous.Layers 8, 9, 10 and 12 produced lanceolate or leaf-shaped projectile points which have been interpreted as corresponding to Angostura-style points.In layer 16, radiocarbon dated to 5630 BC, a new type of point appeared.These Blackwater side-notched points implied the arrival of a group from eastern Nebraska or western Iowa, replacing the previous group which may have moved to the north.In particular, the stone projectile points found at Mummy Cave have been used to set the standard for classifying stone arrowheads and spear heads in the region.Stratigraphy and carbon dating indicate that Mummy Cave was first occupied near the end of the Pinedale glaciation.The relic hunters appear to have stopped when they encountered a rock cairn that covered what proved to be a human burial site.

Apart from the depth and consistent nature of the alluvium, Mummy Cave is also characterized by extreme dryness.Layer 36 is notable as the source of the "mummy." The desiccated body of an adult male covered by a sheepskin garment with fur and feather ornament was recovered from this layer and dated to about AD 770 by radiocarbon dating.Several thousand animal bones were discovered in Mummy Cave.While the large majority of the bones could not be identified, researchers at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) were able to determine the biological origins of over two thousand bones.

As at many other archeological sites in the region, significant numbers of Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) and deer from the genus Odocoileus were identified.It is hypothesized that layers 32–38 represent the presence of people of the Shoshonean culture, with increasingly definitive Shoshonean artifacts present from layer 36 onward, including cordage and basketwork.

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