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05-Jun-2016 16:28

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After a full meal, I just sat on the curb by my bike and watched the other bikes roll in and spoke with a few folks who passed by. Now for the car lovers there is Cruise Night on Saturdays, hosted by the The Wanderers Car Club of Northern N.J., and for the Corvette enthusiast, they have a night for you on the second Friday of every month.

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They do take your name and hand you a buzzer so that you can still walk around outside.

Melisa and Mickey eventually added each other and kept in touch every day.

After chatting for two weeks, Mickey asked Melisa on a date and they hit it off. “I keep wondering what would’ve happened if either of us hadn’t been on We Chat,” Melisa said.

You will want pictures of some of the amazing bikes that pull in.

You really have to circle the parking lot more than once because something new is always pulling in.

There are so many bikes to look at that your buzzer will be going off before you know it.