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This secret ingredient will be the ‘starter’ to begin a final fermentation process and is unique to this tea.Steam is again used to soften and moisturize the tea leaves before they are then packed and pressed into metal molds to produce uniform bricks of PHatea®.PHatea® does not want this browning to occur on its leaves.Next, a process called “kneading” or “smashing” is done in which leaves are tumbled to change them to a more compact, easily handled shape.A Tea Master will monitor the leaves, stirring them to allow uniform fermentation throughout the pile.This process is a natural fermentation of the tea leaves.After this the rolled leaves are “piled” or put together in layers to allow them to dry out.

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Gli utenti possono saltare da una conversazione all'altra, vedendo gli altri utenti sul terminale Android.Se ti piace qualcuno puoi continuare a parlare con lui.