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Frankly, we had so many photo opportunities that we simply moved on, understanding and enjoying the experience.We were a total novelty to the people in these villages.And as I thought about my friend’s question I also remembered being in Bhutan with a Geo Ex group two years.I was particularly fascinated with the young monks we’d see at the temples.Challenging geometries such as high and steep walls require many different tool inclinations in precisely delineated milling areas.5 axis simultaneous machining with hyper MILL 5AXIS is based on what users are already familiar with: milling with a tilted tool.Yet the machining process is now quicker, the surface results are better and programming is much less complicated.Often they’d stare and look at us so intently and seriously I wondered if they were annoyed at our presence. I asked Sha, our Bhutanese guide, and he said he’s talked to monks and the young men in school at the monasteries asking this very same question.He explained that their expressions are one of confusion.

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As I thought about her query, these experiences came to mind.

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