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20-Mar-2017 13:13

The women’s league reiterated earlier reports that 30 pupils have been impregnated at the school.However, the Northern Cape education department told News24 that it was only aware of 16 learners who had been impregnated over a three year period at the school.Child sex trafficking (aka "child prostitution," "juvenile prostitution," commercial sexual exploitation of children, survival sex) is among the most insidious abuses of children, and all too often these children are treated as criminals rather than victims.Following is information that may be of assistance to child protection system stakeholders who are working with these vulnerable children and youth.Sexual exploitation of children is happening in every Minnesota county.In fact, Minnesota has the third highest rate of child sexual exploitation in the nation.As long as America's men are being trained to think that violent, disturbing pornography is sexually acceptable, an enormous clientele for sex traffickers is being created every day in homes, college dorms, and apartments across the nation.

159, would use Department of Justice grants to incentivize states to match federal law, which considers "any child who is under 18 and subject to commercial sex trafficking [as] a victim." Likewise, the aide said, H. 285 "is intended to clarify that the existing federal sex trafficking statute...extends to those who advertise children and other victims for sale for sex." These and other measures are critical to helping the nearly two million mostly women and girls who are sex slaves at any one time.Nadia and her family were living in a new world of fear.Isis told everyone to gather in the primary school and from there, they said, they would take them to Mount Sinjar – a holy place, regarded as sacred by Yazidis. News24 has opted not to publish the name of the school where the alleged incidents occurred to protect the identity of the minors involved.

For decades, pornography has been praised as the epitome of freedom of expression by men and at times women alike. And according to one of the nation's leading academics studying the effect of pornography -- a self-described "radical feminist" -- pornography is a key ingredient in that demand. Gail Dines, a professor of sociology and women's studies at Wheelock College who also chairs its American Studies department, said in comment for this piece that "we know that trafficking is increasing -- which means demand is increasing.By Sally Williams On the morning of August 15, 2014, Nadia Murad, then 21, was summoned to the local school with everyone else from Kocho, a small Yazidi village on the Nineveh Plains in northwest Iraq.