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And once again, they succeeded in making a game that will entertain us for as long as its life endures. Weapons are rated on a scale like this: Poor, Good, Great, and Top.

Weapon categories are listed by their in-game appearances.

The world was reeling from the unpatched glitches that had come to light in Modern Warfare 2. The Wii Call of Duty players had to stick with World at War, or move to Modern Warfare Reflex. Because you see, in early May, 2010, a developer at Treyarch leaked that they were working on a new game. Yet the Wii owners got nothing, even though we posted 1,000,000 sales figures for both World at War and MWR. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BO02 - Create a Class 2.0 Guide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is where the guide starts up officially - the weapons!

Fast forward again, skipping over nearly six months. Anna Donlon, an executive producer on the Wii team at Treyarch announces Wii version details, and the excitement hits a boiling point for the Wii owners. Treyarch has once again delivered to the Wii owners, giving us the Game of the Year with as much squeezed in as they could fit. Here, I have a breakdown of each weapons class, and each individual weapons highlighting each weapon's strengths and weaknesses.

Though I was favorable to the Skorpion in MWR, this new Skorpion plays very much the same in a game that plays very differently that MWR.

Use it if you want, but you won't be seeing me using it.

The higher the number, the more chance that recoil will kick in that direction.

If one number is higher than its opposing number, like Up is 50 and down is 20, the weapon will predominantly kick upwards.

These ratings I give are in no way definitive, and I may very well change my mind.If you have two identical Recoil Numbers opposite each other, there is a random chance either could occur.