Cacti device status not updating

25-Mar-2017 11:25

After installation, Cacti web interface can be accessed using the link " of course, in your case, the IP address of your server.

This package contains the HTML documentation for Cacti.

We click Console Next, we set the device parameters.

Now that the device has been added, we specify the graph templates that we want to create.

It supports gathering statistics via native SNMP and also via external scripts. We use Cacti for monitoring Clearwater deployment, in particular large ones running stress.

Cacti is a complete front-end to RRDtool: it stores all necessary information for creating graphs and populates them with data from a My SQL database. Along with being ableto maintain graphs, data sources, and round robin archives ina database, Cacti also handles data gathering.

Cacti has built in user management system, and it is highly customizable.