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In primary school, children begin to be aware of sexual activity, and their reaction tends to be mild aversion: things like kissing are considered “gross” (with the exception of parents—we hope).Jokes begin to develop around sexual humor, and kids will laugh (and sing songs) about who likes whom.With their friends, children in primary grades may partake in games in which they “play house,” taking on identities as “mommies” or “daddies.” These games often recreate perceived gender stereotypes—the man goes to work while the woman stays home with the children or cooks the dinner.

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School, friends, and activities take children out of the home more and more.But our response can still be comforting: although we cannot be present on the playground or in the hallways to guide our children along, we can provide them with a set of pointers, similar to the ones offered by this teacher, to remember when they’re in a situation of pressure.

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