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A food fight spirals out of control when Aviva wrongly accuses Natalie of hitting her. An ultimatum puts Tyson and Rachel’s relationship on the path of destruction.

The couples reveal traumatic events from the past and must forgive those who hurt them.Mike nearly comes to blows; a shocking revelation from Tami stuns all; and a surprise ambush leaves Hank frozen in fear.A boot camp sex tape exposes Mike’s weaknesses, Travis’s insecurities and Kendra’s need for control.Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn Toler joins forces with Jim and Elizabeth and unleashes her wrath on the couples. The couples are ambushed by a surprise game show on the first day of Boot Camp, revealing dark truths.

A secret affair is exposed while a disturbing twist sends one couple off the deep end and another packing.

After a fight with Reggie, Tami threatens to leave boot camp and meet up with her ex beau for a revenge romp. A spouse swap sparks drama: Tami confronts Hank, Travis blasts Kendra while Aubrey crosses the line.