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28-Dec-2016 01:06

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If you haven’t already, bookmark the Inside Black Berry[1] to stay informed ~Michael • Hello guys, Thanks for this AMA, I’m a proud owner of a Priv since day 1 (Loving it!) and let me say it was really nice to hear about the december update, to know we would be having great support and updates over time is something rather rare from Android vendors.2) There was little space for Black Berry to truly differentiate here from any of the other competitors.3) We simply did not have the resourcing to make it happen along with all the other features we needed to build.This year has seen one of Blackberry’s best products in recent memory, as it marked the release of the Black Berry Priv — a phone that tried to merge Black Berry’s strong point of security and enterprise adoption with the flexibility and popularity of Android.Banking on the hype and good reception of the Priv, members of Blackberry’s team took to Reddit to answer questions of fans and other enthusiasts.~Michael • → It’s something we’re evaluating for the future, but requires a significant amount of investment to make it work, and make it work well.When we evaluated this for the initial release we saw that: 1) Android already had a rich ecosystem of 3rd party text messaging apps that users could leverage and choose from.

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We’ll never build a better Facebook experience than Facebook themselves.

Given the choice, it would seem many Black Berry users are keen to move to a different platform.