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26-Apr-2017 00:24

“Let’s say you didn’t go to college or you went to college that is not known for being a Tier 1 establishment, that’s OK.

But we are going to be expecting you to have accomplished something in your professional career to compensate for that. “We don’t plan to grow that number until we have the product,” said Bradford. Daniel Ratcliffe, 25, also did not have to wait too long before making it into The League.

Maybe you didn’t go to Oxford, but you started a non-profit to help underprivileged children in Africa and you’ve run that company from the ground-up. Krista White, 23, lives in Silicon Valley, California and works in public relations. She has been on the waitlist for The League since February. “When you first sign up for it, it puts you on a waitlist.

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They understand mutuality, focused, positive goals in their life, drama free, healthy balanced life style, positive, harmony, mutual harmony, loving, playful, fun-loving, silly, loyal, thoughtful, supportive, nurturing, empowering, and respectful.

Instead, young professionals looking for a suitable mate are flocking to apps like The League and syncing their Linked In profile in the hopes that their resumes will help seal the deal and find them someone special.

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