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04-Jul-2017 03:45

I thought she was still asleep so I got up quietly and put on my boxers then went to my room.Eventually mom got up went to shower and called me down for breakfast. We just acted normal for the rest of the day, I was so scared that she was going to say something.I continued to thrust back and forth against her panties and pussy. When I couldn’t hold it anymore and suddenly started Cumming in between her legs, it felt so good.She started breathing heavier but was still fast asleep. I was so tired I pulled my dick out and fell asleep immediately.I didn’t know what to do, as it was growing it rubbed against her back.I started moving and rubbing against her my arms were wrapped around her and I could feel her breast.It was a cold Saturday night and it was just me and mom at home.We decided to watch movies and have pizza that night.

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You are now going through puberty don’t worry it is normal, your body will go through some changes.’ I was shocked about what she was talking about I didn’t know what to say.

I never thought of her in a sexual way as I was still young and never thought much about girls. I was so tired also I didn’t want to get up to go to my bed. I woke up a bit later in the middle of the night and noticed that I was holding mom tight from behind because of the cold our bodies were tight together she was fast asleep.

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