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The Lingo“Gainers,” or “feedees” are the individuals putting on the weight.

Often, they do so with the help of an “encourager,” or “feeder.” Much of the time, the goal for both parties is for the gainer to achieve a “ball belly,” a big round belly, without putting on too much weight elsewhere on the body. There is a subgroup of gainers called “Submissive gainers,” who allow a dominant “encourager” to take control and decide how much they will eat, and how much weight they will put on.” While “feedees” are often women, there are a number of men out there, many of them gay, who find putting on weight erotic.

These are just the terms needed to begin a dialogue about gaining.

The vocabulary extends into a deeper web of sexual stunts most have never heard of.

Meet the Gainers One female “feedee” wrote about her experience in a post for XOJane: “I love eating very caloric, rich foods and I practically squeal with glee if I see numbers on the scale climb.

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#Gaining Weight #feedee.” A number of websites dedicated to the cause also exist, such as and But there are other telling signs that the fetish has a dedicated group of follows.Before going further into the subject, however, some relevant vocabulary should be introduced.Dean has twice as many alphas as most omegas do, so it makes sense that he's carrying at least twice as many babies. The sweet, crumbly texture of his favorite desserts, the spicy tang of shared Indian dishes, the taste of spaghetti as it slithers off his fork into his mouth—all things Jensen finds incredibly enjoyable.

This late in his pregnancy, he's too big to get out of bed anymore, but fortunately he and his alphas are all really okay with that. Until now, he's just had to enjoy them in moderation.It’s not just a meaty figure those in the gaining community find erotic; it’s the journey to obesity that really gets this group off.