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They were all strays and I'm so glad I got to be their mom.mimi, I'm a lurker. My daughter #2 was estranged for 9 years--never knew what I did. My suggestion--listen a lot today, don't bring up any sore subjectts if you can avoid it, but if she wants to, don't cut her off. It seems like the less I talk with her the better things are...can do all the talking. If I deserved it, that would be one thing, but I honestly don't believe I did or do.We've been emailing for a few weeks now and she even asked my opinion about an issue with her boyfriend, so I'm hoping all will go well. My friends want to line up and smack my kids because they don't get it either.I see a lot of talk about problems with ones adult children. Once kids are young adults they must assume responsibility for their own decisions regardless of their childhood. (Or a doormat, too--if you've been knocked down you may not be able to get up fast enough. Very much want to help people and show them how much better life is on the other side of addiction...just must be willing to go through a bit of pain first to get there...that's the rub.mimi and all, a final note before I get to work: one CAN be a victim without participating or allowing it--an extren me exzmple would be assault on children--verbal, sexual, you name it. I'm still hoping to finish my degree and have my own practice.I believe that people with addictions are stigmatized for not having personal control as if they themselves are diseased and have the problem.The problems are often wider and embedded in our shrinking social network (don't mean social media).JOURNALISTIC PUBLICATIONS ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS MOVIES "LIFER" CARTOONS INTERVIEWS AND PODCASTS CITATIONS IN ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS CITATIONS IN THE ENGLISH-LANGUAGE AND OVERSEAS MEDIA CITATIONS IN THE JAPANESE MEDIA (Embedded Racism: Japan’s Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination untangles Japanese society’s complex narrative on race by analyzing two mutually-supportive levels of national identity maintenance.

It's funny, RB, she and I can easily talk about her father. Bichon, the QP games each require a particular brain specialty, although each are word games.

Practice, look at the answers the next day, and go to the forum where I and others discuss strategies. But she accused me of emotional and verbal elder abuse!

I have been playing for 4 yrs now and am still improving. well, I came in the conversation abruptly and will leave the same way. That should be fun for Jasmine, we have a coating of ice on top of the snow we got yesterday! Parents really do THEIR best under THEIR circumstances with THEIR own personal frailties and limitations.

We're getting a super trencher for the trench, don't expect much help from that either.

I posted pix on FB, go friend me and you can see themanyway it went really well and they have just asked me to send a demo video of my teaching, and basically as long as they don't see anything wrong with the video, it sounds like they will offer me a job : DYes, twerking is still a bit of a mystery to me. It took 2 photos and an explanation from my daughter when she was doin her world travel thing that 'planking' wasn't some kind of porno thing!My feeling is that rather than regret some of the traumatic and dreadful things that have happened in my life, it's better to use those things as a way of understanding others and helping them see a different point of view and develop coping mechanisms that are healthy.