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25-Nov-2017 19:19

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And if you were exactly normal (five-feet, eight-inches tall, 167 pounds, with a dog and 0.7 cats), you would be, well, abnormal. My girlfriend will dump me if I don't propose after 57 dates. My friend Susan only sleeps with bald guys named Frank. So darlings, for your dating pleasure, I have compiled a list of Official Dating Averages. Don't feel bad about it though; nobody actually is.How long does it take for the average man or woman to fall in love? Research shows men know they're falling in love after just three dates, but women don't fall until around date 14.Paul Davis, author of Breakthrough for a Broken Heart puts the number around six for both.At the peak of the Tinder hype, an article in The study mostly involved open-ended questions regarding users' motivations for and experiences using the app.

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Dating Expert Lisa Daily is the author of Stop Getting Dumped!

It's one of the most popular lifestyle apps with over 10 million daily active users.