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(It’s important to note here that while you may only have a single data connection which loads data from an you can access its properties just like you can get at the properties of the objects you place on your form.

In this sample, I’ve defined two data connections to the Movie Database: If you look at the node which contains information about the query currently being used by each data connection.

If you want to “run” this sample, you can download the form and Movie Database here: Download Sample [zip] Minimum Requirements: Designer 7.0, Acrobat Standard 7.0.

Use the Form Builder DB20060929file to build the database, create an If you’re attempting to reproduce this sample or something similar in your own forms using Designer and Acrobat 8.0, you’ll most likely run into security errors when attempting to run the form in Acrobat 8.0.

If you’ve been scratching your elbow, pinching your nose and blinking your eyes in hopes that this might “just work”, well, it’s actually scratch your nose, pinch your elbow and roll your eyes — ok, just kidding…If you read my previous post on Connecting a Form to a Database, you might’ve realized that the result was a single live data connection to the entire set of records in a database.This is great if you want to iterate through all records one at a time and update them on an individual basis.This is a really handy object that has code in its Initialize event that’s already setup to populate its item list based on data nodes from a data connection.

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In the Initialize event of the object, set the data connection name to “Movie Categories”, the hidden value column name to “cat Id” and the display text column name to “cat Name”.

Every now and then, someone posts a comment with a question on how to do something and the answer requires more than just a quick response.

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