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Why guys shouldn’t be afraid to date a woman smarter than they are Interview with Def Leppard Guitarist Phil Collen about quitting drinking for life 9 ways fitness is like finance 10 weight loss tips from a former fat guy If you’re a world traveler you should also be a runner Why this not funny comedian needs to stop fat shaming Here is how you get the eye of the tiger. 6 myths about six pack abs Silly diet and fitness sayings we should stop using Why the whole “dad bod” nonsense takes body acceptance too far How to avoid getting injured in the gym Interviews with Clive Standen (Rollo) and Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn) about how they get in shape for Vikings Things Only Marathon Runners Understand Interview with Sci Babe Yvette d’Entremont 5 questions to ask yourself to figure out what exercise is best for you 5 disgusting things that runners do Why you should lose weight slow These doctors want you to be the buffest senior citizen you can be The single most important part of building muscle Don’t waste time by lifting wrong in the gym How to create healthy exercise habits in defense of gym culture Machines vs. Why you shouldn’t watch the show on A&E called Fit to Fat to Fit Putting the “sugar is toxic” debate to rest I interviewed the star of the new Point Break movie about his workout regimen I answered the question: Is it really healthy to go vegan?When you fall in love with a man who cannot commit, you do so at your peril.Make no mistake about it, a man who cannot commit is a man who is afraid to commit. But date knowing you don't have to have a giant blood diamond on your finger for the relationship to remain happily ever after.I’m not talking about some over-horse-powered-midlife-crisis mobile, but rather two wheels where the power comes from your own legs. In preparation for my first marathon, I smeared a generous coating in places you don’t want to read about. Also consider that eating out is so much cheaper now, and the actual amount of calories ingested outside the home is way more than that. A healthy lifestyle is simpler than you think Recently a friend asked me what I recommend for a post-exercise recovery drink. There are many common fitness facts, frauds and myths that are not on this list and some weird ones that are. So you want to look like a fitness model – December 19, 2011 Commercials for home exercise equipment make me laugh.

A quick and easy test to instantly determine if she really likes you.

Superb book for dating, and finding the right woman.

Doc Love stresses 'being a man', and exhibiting masculine and gentlemanly qualities, akin to a modern-day Cary Grant.

Many of the advice aren't heard in mainstream and Doc Love says that's why anyone just be reading this book.

If actions speak louder than words, and if the Doc Love has indeed written looking at women's actions - I guess this is true given the never-heard-before-recommendations- and if every one adopts this, then Doc Love is definitely onto his mission of making a man and woman love each other forever.

I don’t know why I had to figure out who it was that smelled so bad he could knock a buzzard off a gut pile, but it is just part of my nature to want to put a face to someone who repulses me so. FEATURE: The exercise-eating connection, Part 2 – August 8, 2011 Modern society seems pretty damn determined to make us fat, and for most of us, it’s succeeding in turning us all into tubs of bacon grease. It also means that, beyond getting something that looked good on a resume, I picked up a thing or two about strategic planning. Is it going to do anything but annoy your wife and rack up speeding tickets while people point and laugh at how you need to compensate for something? Yes, adding muscle and losing fat will increase your likelihood of success with the opposite sex or make your wife or girlfriend find you more attractive, and its health benefits, such as improved strength, sexual performance and increased longevity, are undeniable.

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